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My name is Maya, I am a Thai-Italian opera singer, a music teacher and a self-taught baker.

I was born in Gabon and grew up in several African countries and also lived in Italy and in the US. I now live in London and I am married to a jazz musician. After my wedding,

I decided to turn my baking passion into a business, so my husband and I created the company Tortology. We are based in Walthamstow where I lead music classes for babies and toddlers, as well as providing friends, family and the local community with sweet and savoury temptations.


Ever since I was a young girl I always had a strong interest in food and cooking. Baking is something I found particularly fascinating and magical because ingredients went into the oven in one shape or form, and came out completely transformed, smelling absolutely delicious! I am sure I inherited the baking gene from the Italian side of the family.

My great-grandfather, Leone Razzini, was a very talented baker. After WW1 his patisserie became extremely successful, providing high end baked goods to many.


Because of my mixed background, my baking style fuses traditional Italian techniques with exotic flavours, whilst creating a beautiful and mouth-watering look. I also love flowers, and I enjoy decorating my sweet creations in a Botticelli style, using fresh flowers, fruits, herbs and spices.

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